Blend Plug-in

Blend is a plugin for Photoshop or PaintshopPro. It matches the edges of a region of an image with the surrounding region. Blend is bundled with the Disappear plugin.

Paste an object into the picture. The selected region should not be feathered.

The new selected region must not be a floating selection.
Execute the Analogue|Blend plug-in.
The Blend plug-in measures the overall brightness of the edge pixels of the selected region and the overall brightness of the pixels immediately outside the selected region. The mean R, G and B brightnesses are measured independently. Blend then adjusts the brighness of all the selected pixels to eliminate the difference between the two average brigtnesses.

Next, the Blend plug-in measures the difference between each of the edge pixels of the selected region and its neighbouring pixels outside the selected region. The differences are diffused in towards the centre of the selected region. Finally, the diffused differences are added to the selected pixels

Limiting the Diffusion

You can limit which parts of the edge are used for the Blend algorithm. See the description of the Disappear plug-in for an explanation.


After the differences between outside and inside the selction have been measured, the differences are diffused in The distance over which the diffusion occurs is set by the Blur trackbar. Then the difference map inside the selection is blurred. The amount of blur increases as the distance from the edge increases up to the maximum value set by the Max Blur trackbar.

Auto Execute

If the Auto Execute checkbox is checked then the OK button will automatically be pressed one second after the dialog appears. To uncheck the checkbox, hold the Control key down as you select the Disappear command.


For Blend to work, there must be a selected region. You must not have selected all of picture - there must be pixels outside the selected region.

The selection must not be floating. If Blend does not work, you've probably got a floating selection.

Selected regions containing transparent areas of may not work as expected.

Colour from the pixels immediately outside the selected region diffuses in to fill the selected region. All of the pixels inside the selected region have been overwritten.



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