The BrainiBorg™ is also known as the Quadrabotz™. It is a walking robot with four legs and three motors. It has two infra-red obstacle sensors which also act as visible-light sensors.

The BrainiBorg can be programmed in Basic. The programs are written on a PC running Windows and downloaded into the BrainiBorg through an RS232 port.

It has a 4MHz PIC processor and a sounder which can make a variety of beeps and whistles.

The compiler allows the usual Basic statements - assignment, If, While, For, Gosub, etc. Up to 32 named variables are allowed; there is also a timer.

Basic programs can test sensor values. Programs can also contain ''Events''which are triggered by the sensors or the timer - an Event handler is like an interrupt handler.

It has a single-step debugger so you can watch the program being executed.

The PC can monitor the sensors while the robot is walking. The current through the motors can be monitored so that the processor can tell if the legs are stuck.

The BrainiBorg is capable of over 2000 different gaits (more if the legs can pass through the same state). We've investigated about 100 of them and found gaits for walking backwards and forwards, in a straight line and turning. With some gaits the robot moves forward or backwards diagonally and with some, the front legs are lifted higher, which is useful for stepping over obstacles.

You can do a lot of research with gaits. Which are the most efficient for turning? How do you change from one gait to another - for instance from forward to turning left? Which phase of one gait leads into which phase of another gait? Could you use a genetic algorithm to evolve a gait? You can control the motors directly from a PC so testing new gaits is very easy.

All the technical details of the Brainiborg, its programming language and its communications protocols are fully documented so you can develop your own programming tools.


The Bainiborg is available as a kit from

Soldering involved
For ages 7+


The Quadrabotz is available as a pre-soldered kit from

It is also available from many other suppliers. Please Google for it.

The kit comes with a CD containing the building instructions, the Windws programmer and tuorial ainmations. You can download the programmer from here:

Download programming system


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