Marble for the iPhone and iPod Touch


Marble was first published for Windows in 1993 and is still popular today.

Here are some comments on the original version:
"... an excellent game."
"It is a delight."
"Thank you for a most entertaining game."

Marble has been compiled to run under iPhone OS 2.1 and will run under later versions of the OS.

Marble is available from the Apple iPhone App Store.

The original version of Marble for Windows is still available.

A Windows simulation of Marble for the iPhone can be downloaded (1.5Mb).

The block of squares is a maze into which can put mirrors. The program has a hidden copy of the maze also with mirrors.

Your objective is to make your maze behave in the same way as the hidden maze.

The row of squares at the bottom shows what mirrors are present in the hidden maze. You can drag mirrors from this palette to put into your maze.

You investigate the maze by rolling a ball through it. The ball will be deflected by any mirrors you've put in your maze.

The program uses small arrow-heads and a highlight-circle to show how the hidden maze deflected the ball.

The player has dragged a mirror from the palette into their copy of the maze. They have then rolled a ball upwards from the bottom of the maze. They ball has been deflected by the mirror and has emerged from the left side of the maze.

But the two arrow-heads and the highlight-circle show that the hidden maze did not behave in the same way. The hidden ball emerged from the bottom of the hidden maze. The player hasn't got their mirror in the same place.

When you think the mirrors are all in the right place, click the Test button at the top-left of the screen. The Test button compares how you placed your mirrors with where the hidden mirrors are.

If you got it wrong, you can compare your answer with the correct one.

A variety of mirrors are available. Most of them change their shape when they are hit by a ball.

An interactive tutorial explains how to play the game.

Help screens describe the game and the different mirrors.

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