PlaniSim - a 2D world

PlaniSim simulates a 2D-world. Objects are represented by points which have mass and struts which have length.

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Edit Mode
In Edit Mode you create points, struts and objects.
Run mode
In Run mode, objects can collide and bounce off each other.
Colours and bitmaps can be used.
You can build complicated machines
Objects can manipulate each other.
Struts can act as muscles so you can build weird animals.
Joints between struts can act as motors so you can create vehicles.
You can set the strength of objects so that they break.

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You can arrange that objects can pass through each other so you can have races
Struts can be connected to a "Controller".
The Keyboard controller allows you to control this animal.

View animation (240k)
A programmable Controller allows your creations to be autonomous. Here is a pole-balancing robot.
Programs are written in a language similar to Pascal or C. There is a run-time debugger and single-stepper Here is a bipedal walker.

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