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I am able to undertake the feasibility study, design, implementation and management of innovative software and hardware projects. I am currently expert in Windows, Delphi and embedded microprocessor programming.

I have over thirty years experience in commercial and scientific computing. Following my postgraduate research in neurophysiology, I joined the administrative computing department of the University of St Andrews as a systems programmer and system manager. I have also worked as a consultant for Logica and have done research in robotic assembly at the University of Edinburgh Artificial Intelligence Department (download papers). I have been the director of Analogue for the last twenty five years.

Peter Balch and Nils Tomes together have a son called Jonathan. Before Jonathan came along, we alternated work with long periods exploring the world.

1 Warrender Park Crescent
Edinburgh EH9 1DX
Scotland, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 131 228 6008

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