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EDITHELP: creates Windows Help and HTML files. Shareware



SOLVE: an intelligent calculator that solves equations: tell it the values you know and it will work out the rest. Picture Download (190k) Shareware



TOUCH: sets the date and time of files when you "release" a new version of software. Picture Download (30k) Freeware


PICPROG: PicProg programs PIC chips from Microchip Technology. PicProg and the associated programmer hardware are distributed by http://www.magenta2000.co.uk Download (1M) Shareware


CHECKLIST: Allows you to make lists of things "to do". A list can be saved as a "Template" - an empty list. You can then open copies of this template to "fill in". Picture Download (253k)


FILEDUP: FileDup searches for duplicated filenames. It will optionally delete the earlier or later file or move it to a different directory. Helps you clean up your disk. Picture Download (199k) Freeware


DIRSIZE: Dirsize displays the total sizes of the files in each directory and the "lost" space. It helps when you're cleaning up your disk. Picture Download (196k) Freeware


DRAGDROP: Drag and drop files from FileExplorer. The full path and name of each file will be displayed. You can then copy them to the clipboard. Picture Download (87k) Freeware


RS232: useful when testing applications and hardware that communicate over a serial line. Picture Download (286k) Freeware

      TEXTDRAW: an editor for creating "ASCII-Art" circuit diagrams. Download (220k) Freeware


CLIPEDIT: edits a bitmap in the clipboard: Expansion, Rotation, Distortion along a line, Colour translation, Edging, etc. More Download (40k) Freeware


EDSHG: creates Segmented HyperGraphics Files for use with the Windows help system. Download (49k) Freeware

BKUP: copies files from one directory to another "backup" directory. More Download Freeware
FIND: searches inside files. Yes, I know XP File Explorer is supposed to do that but it's never worked for me. More Download Freeware
    HEXTOSTR: converts between strings of hex numbers, binary numbers, integers or a string into hex numbers, binary numbers, integers or a string. More Download Freeware
    MOVE: moves or copies files from one directory to another. What happens to a file depends on the date and existence of the equivalent file in the destination directory More Download Freeware
    SETDATE: sets the date/time of files More Download Freeware
    TINYPRINT: prints whatever picture is in the clipboard. It prints it at 1 printer-pixel per image-pixel. More Download Freeware
    CLIPBOARD: sends filepaths from file manager to the clipboard More Download Freeware
   RIFF: displays the contents of a RIFF file. The Riff file format is used in WAV, AVI, etc. files. More Download Freeware
Some of the games and utilities are freeware and some are shareware. I have no reasonable means of collecting shareware fees at the moment so I'm giving away registration numbers for free (except for PicProg). Email me and say which programs you want to register.


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