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DIGGER: a drawing program for young children. It allows them to paste together fantasy heavy earth moving equipment. More Download (289k) Shareware
BABYONE: a Windows program for use by One-year-olds. Hit the keyboard and various pictures will appear with accompanying beeps. More Download (29k) Freeware
ROAD: make a road system and run cars on it. Ages 4 to adult. More Download (497k) Freeware
XWORD: makes small crosswords. I wrote it for my five-year-old who was learning to write so the sample clues are pitched at that level. There's no reason you shouldn't add harder clues. More Download (160k) Freeware

MAZE: designs mazes then allows you to walk around "inside" them. More Download (36k) Freeware

Some of the games and utilities are freeware and some are shareware. I have no reasonable means of collecting shareware fees at the moment so I'm giving away registration numbers for free. Email me and say which programs you want to register.


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