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The EditHelp program creates Help Files for use with the Windows help system.

It is a stand-alone program which does NOT require Microsoft Word for Windows.

Help Files are full hypertext files with links, popup-links, bitmaps, different fonts and keywords. You can use Help files not just for providing "help" but wherever hypertext is appropriate, such as, public information systems and computer-based training.

Windows Help files can execute DLLs and EXEs and can have embedded panes containing animation or user-editable data.

As you develop your Help File, EditHelp helps you keep track of the status of each topic.

EditHelp can

To create bitmaps with multiple hotspots, you will need a Segmented Graphics File editor such as EdShg or Microsoft's SHED. You may download EdShg: Download (49k) Freeware

Certain commands are only available if you register EditHelp.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version you might like to know what's new.


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