I have designed a variety of experimental and commercial mobile robots and robot programming languages.

Commercial Robots
Brainibot: a cheap robot kit for children. It has two antennae, a light sensor and a sounder. Programmable and non-programmable versions are available.
Picobotz: a programmble robot withan obstacle detector, a line follower, a microphone and a sounder.
Brainiborg The BrainiBorg™ is also known as the Quadrabotz™. It is a walking robot with four legs and three motors. It has two infra-red obstacle sensors which also act as visible-light sensors.
IR Brainibot The IR Brainibot (Infra Red Brainibot) is a small mobile robot with two infra-red obstacle detectors and light sensors, two motors, a sounder and an 8-bit computer running at 4MHz.

Experimental Robots
BrainiBiped uses 4 microservos. A typical 4-servo biped uses two of the servos to raise and lower the legs and two servos to twist the feet.
Arm uses 5 servos: 4 control the arm position and the fifth operates the parallel-jaw gripper via a nylon cable.
Quadruped has four 3-DOF legs giving a total of 12 micro-servos. It has an upright stance. "Quadruped" doesn't have a name yet. It's in development and will probably be completely re-built very soon.

Ladybot The Ladybot allows the user to record a sequence of movement "steps" or "beeps" then play them back multiple times.
Sensorbot is like a simple record-and-replay bot but it also has sensors.
BrainiBrick A robotic system, temporarily attached to a mobile base. The central processor has 16 "ports". Each port can control a motor, a couple of switches or an intelligent peripheral - the intelligent peripherals shown are sonar, a keypad and a decimal display. The Windows programming software is a graphical behaviour-based editor. The editor components can be extended by third-party developers.
2-motor walker: A minimal walking robot with just two motors, two antennae, a sounder, a pcb and 4xAAA cells, held together with sticky-fixers. It walks well and looks very cute.
Spider: A "spider" version of the Brainibot.
A fake robot built as a "concept" model for a client. The grippers open and close but are uselessly weak.
An alternative chassis design. We were trying to design a mobile chassis which could be produced cheaply in small quantities.
Tank: a standard Brainiborg pcb in a commercial toy. I did a quick experiment to see how well the chassis would work as a robot base.
The Brainibrick robotic system, temporarily attached to a Lego arm. The arm has various sensors and s/w servos.
A six-legged walker with akerman steering. Akerman steering works well if the walker is longer than it is wide. Getting the drive to the steering front legs is tricky.
A two-legged walker which can't steer at all.
A nicely engineered Brainibot - if only we could buy these chassis by the hundred ...

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