and animations




Planisim A vey rich simulation of the physics of a 2D world.


Quad A 2D animation of quadruped gaits to investigate their relative stabilities

      Hexapod A 2D animation of the hexapod tripod gait to investigate following a path while pirouetting



Sim3d a 3D simulation of hexpod or quadruped walking. You can design your own leg controllers.


Flowchart a simulation system with a graphical interface


Tether a simulation of a rotating-tether satellite


Asteroid Animates detonating a bomb on an asteroid to prevent it hitting Earth. Is the asteroid destroyed or deflected. The simulation was created using Planisim



Water how to animate ripples in a photo of water


Tripod an animation of the gait of a Martian war machine

Impact a simulation of a comet. Can you deflect it from the Earth? What happens when it breaks up?


Chain a simulation of a swinging chain. Enter your own equations of motion and see them simulated


Fire how to animate fire using cellular automata


Gas a simulation of a gas gives rise to the gas laws


link a simulation of linkage system

poppop a simulation system with a graphical interface

Some of the games and utilities are freeware and some are shareware. I have no reasonable means of collecting shareware fees at the moment so I'm giving away registration numbers for free (except for PicProg). Email me and say which programs you want to register.


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