Make your own

Snapping Brain

1. Download the file to your computer. Print your Snapping Brain™ as large as you can on a sheet of A4 paper. It should exactly fill the page but many printers have large margins.

2. Trim any excess paper round the edges. Cut around the eyeballs and optic nerve and alongside the spinal chord.

3. Fold the Snapping Brain™ paper along the lines [A] and [B] (along the teeth) so that the printing is on the outside. (Mountain fold).

4. Fold the Snapping Brain™ paper along the centre line [C] so that the two sets of teeth align. The tongue should be on the inside and the brains should be on the outside. (Valley fold).

5. Open the fold [B] flat and turn the paper so the printing is underneath.Fold the two corners along the lines [D] and [E] to the line [B] (Valley fold). Do not fold the spinal chord or the eyeballs.

6. Close the fold [B] again. Now open the fold [A] and fold all four corners along the lines [F], [G], [H] and [I] to the line [C] (Valley fold). Do not fold the spinal chord or the eyeballs. Close the fold [A] again.

7. Cut along the line [J] then bend the lips along lines [K] and [L] towards you to a right angle (Valley fold).

8. Bend the spine towards you along line [M] (Valley fold). Turn over your Snapping Brain™ and bend the centre of the spine away from you along line [N] (Mountain fold).

9. Fit spine [M] inside spine N. To help them stay togther, fold over a few mm of the end of the spine.

10. Push your finger into the mouth of your Snapping Brain™ and open it up. Push the lips together.

11. Bend the optic nerves apart and twist the eyeballs so they face forwards.

12. Your Snapping Brain™ is now finished! Amaze your friends! Be the first on your block! Frighten horses!

Reprinted by kind permission from Eliktronik Brane Vol. 4 No.1, Aug 1989.

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