If you highlight some files in File Manager then right click and choose SendTo|Clipboard. the names and path of the files (not their contents) are copied to the clipboard. There doesn't seen to be any other way of doing that in Windows. I find it very useful - I use it every day.


I'm sorry this is so complicated. I'll try to get around to making an automatic installer soon.

Copy the exe into any directory (e.g. C:\Utils) then create a shortcut to it in the "C:\Documents and Settings\[your name]\SendTo" directory where [your name] is the name of you as a "user". On my PC, it's "peter.PRB.000" so my link is in:

C:\Documents and Settings\peter.PRB.000\SendTo\Clipboard.lnk

The directory may be Hidden. To see it, in XP File Manager (other OS may be different):

To make the shortcut, select the File|New|Shortcut menu command and follow the instructions of the wizard.

Now highlight any file(s) in File Manager then right-click over it. Under "Send To" you'll see "Clipboard". Click on it. The clipboard will now contain the name and path of the file(s).

The number of file names you can you pick up is limited to a total text size of around 2000 characters.




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